live at thai joe's


Frogwater • Live at Thai Joe's  

Barefoot Fiddler
Cross-eyed Fiddler

Kitchen Gals

What’s the Matter with the Mill

Childgrove • Black Nag • Swallow Tail Jig

Big Hats

Riding a Horse • Turnpike

Carried Away

Fisher’s Hornpipe • Flowers of Edinburgh • Miss McLeod’s

Jerusalem Ridge

Girl I Left Behind Me • Turkey in the Straw • Billy in the Low Grounds

Dance Set: Grumbling Old Men and Women • Drowsy Maggie 

• The Banshee

Memphis Town

Polka Set: Dennis Murphy • Ryan’s • Jenny Lind

Deep Ellum Blues




John Nicholson & 
Susan Nicholson 

Bus Breakdown  

Dubuque • Old Grey Cat • Gravel Walks
Cowboy Jig • Carson's Jig
Drummond Castle • Jessie Smith • The Kirre Kebbuck
Hey Hey Daddy
Angeline the Baker • Spotted Pony
Spook Jigs • Pateroller
Lark in the Morning • Langstrom's Pony
Lord Inchiquin
The Banks of the Roses • Bus Breakdown
Book of Rights • Tie the Petticoats Tighter
Jig of Slurs • High Reel • Flogging Reel
Worried Life Blues
Hangman’s Reel
Afro-Cuban Lullaby
Atholl Highlanders • Morrison's Jig • Tip the Porter


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